Our little sign
Our little sign

16 Orchard Lane
Columbus, OH 43214

Shop number – 614 3725155

June 2024 Update
Call the shop for availability – 6143725155 (don’t text, it’s an actual phone🤔). We’re in the shop seven days a week.

Andy Johnson
Chris Barton
Alex Powell
Will Allen
Aaron Kramaer

Elizabeth Keith

Shop Superintendent
Sarah Nelson

see instagram for details.

old below 💩

Hours are Noon to ??? Most Days. Except Sundays, we rarely are in there Sundays.

Current Shop Info- please see our Instagram


Andy Johnson – instagram portfolio – email: iamandyjohnson@gmail.com

Chris Barton – instagram portfolio – email: christopherbarton2@gmail.com

Ian Jett – instagram portfolio – email: notianjett@gmail.com

Alex Powell – instagram portfolio – email: tattoingbyap@gmail.com

Eric Adkins – instagram portfolio – email: m.eric.adkins777@gmail.com

You’re probably guaranteed to find us at the studio from noon to four most days, no one ever really works on Sunday. Some of us start around 9 and some us work till 9. We all manage and schedule our own appointments, and we all come and go as we need/like. All of us are booked out at least a month, some of us are not taking new projects. That said, call the shop – sometimes you’ll get lucky and we can squeeze you in.

Written Feb 2022-

Thanks for checking out our website. I don’t think most people read websites anymore, it kinda seems everything is on social media. But writing is good and we should do it more…

Time. Something I feel is fleeting these days. And I don’t take the time to maintain this space, I’d rather draw and sketch. I’m still under the firm belief that we shouldn’t have to work more than 40 hours to make a living. So if I’m busy in those 40 hours, then keeping up with email, marketing, and really most administrative work falls by the wayside. We’re left with this sad looking website with minimal content. Check Instagram @tattoogoodthings for more updates.

Everyone at the shop is currently booked up. We are all scheduling appointments 2+ months out.

Geez, crazy to think everyone is booked out that far! Very stoked to work with such artists!

Thanks. Andy

Some history:

Back in January of 2018, after six fun years Long Street Collective was looking for a new home because of redevelopment downtown. We found MSC Tattoo but could only sign a three year contract. It was a great space and allowed us to grow into a five person shop. Fast forward three years, and it’s time to move into a more permanent location!

We’ve found a small retail space in North Clintonville. It’s a quiet little side street around the corner from a vegan sandwich place, a bookstore and a bicycle shop! My favorites. The building is beautiful, open and has huge front windows but it’s also on a nice quiet residential street just down from the bike path. And then I realized, there’s a lot of tattoo shops in Clintonville.

We don’t want to take from others, just continue to create and learn. None of us want to come crashing into the neighborhood and disrupt the people, businesses, tenants and families around us. So here’s what we are thinking…

Good things! will open as a private studio. Very low-key. it’s going to say good things in the window and that’s it. As long as we are busy, we will continue operating as a semi private studio and hope to never get in the way of residence around us or the great businesses in the neighborhood. I’ve always thought it would be amazing to work around other shops with the idea of collaboration and friendship, not competition or an us versus them mentality.

In closing, we just want to say hello and introduce ourselves.

Good things!
16 Orchard Ln.
Columbus, OH 43214